Embudo VAlley Map Mural

Opportunities to create public art are an honor and responsibility. I strive to make pieces that are engaging and encourage interaction with the piece and other viewers.

Heritage Walkway - Artesia, NM

Rio Grande Botanic garden - Albuquerque, NM

Las palomas Plaza - Truth or Consequences, NM

Other Public Works

Map of the Embudo Valley, Dixon, NM

Heritage Walkway in Artesia New Mexico has five fountains connected by a ceramic lined stream. Images include architectural details from historic buildings and crops and animals from the area. It is a gathering place.


Las Palomas Plaza in Truth or Consequences New Mexico is a gathering space in the center of town. It incorporates the natural hot mineral water of Geronimo Springs.  The plaza is entered between two 12’ tall ceramic mountains, symbolizing a place of healing and rejuvenation.  Eight benches are placed so people can put their hands or feet in the hot water.

Communion Window, Guadalupe Church, Velarde, NM

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