To see custom tile work please click on my "Design and Commissions" section

I offer many designs of relief tile and tile trim. Some are repeating patterns that can be laid in decorative strips.

My Garden series tiles are pictured below. 

Photos of my "build your own plant tiles" can be accessed by clicking on "Tile Plants." 

The "Tile Trim" and "Repeating Relief Tiles," sections below have line drawings of pieces I can reproduce.

I don’t make field tile, (field tile is square tile in one color for covering large areas.) I have a wide range of color available, in matt or shiny glazes, that can complement any field tile on the market.

Tile trim finishes off any tile job as a picture frame finishes a picture. Even inexpensive field tile looks great if framed by a beautiful trim. Most of my trims can be ordered in lengths from 4” to 12,” the thinner profiles from 4” to 8”

Tile Trim

Repeating Relief Tiles

Tile Plants

Garden Series Tiles. Top to bottom Oranges; Grapes; Calla Lilies; Chiles; Tulips

Garden Series Tiles. Top to bottom: Small Grape Leaves; Wheat; Corn


ORANGES, 4"h ---------------------$42 per linear foot
TULIPS, 2 1/2"h ---------------------$32 per linear foot
CORN 2"h ---------------------------$36 per linear foot
GRAPES, 4"h ------------------------$40 per linear foot
GRAPE LEAVES,1 1/2"h------------$24 per linear foot
WHEAT, 6"h -------------------------$42 per linear foot
CALLA LILIES 4"--------------------$36 per linear foot
CHILES 12"h------------------------$100 per linear foot

All are available in glossy glaze colors or matt antique style. No extra charge for color changes. Trims, such as those pictured on the oranges, tulips and grapes, are priced seperately. They are made with a frost resistant clay and may be used for outdoor applications. Colors will compliment a wide range of commercially available field tile colors.