I strive to make beautiful things. To me, beauty is profound.

Much of my work involves an exploration of color. I love to experiment
with how colors interact with each other and create various moods.
That we humans can perceive color is a gift.

I like to create lively welcoming spaces. Many of our public and private spaces are alienating. There is too much gray cement. Buildings are big, intimidating and colorless. Parking lots dominate our built environment. Places to linger and gather are discouraged. I hope to create work that brings warmth into peoples lives.

Life is mysterious, the universe and natural world incomprehensibly complex. It
would be foolhardy to try to copy nature.  I am inspired by the beauty around me and try to create a reflection of it in my work.

About the Body Parts Series

The living human body is miraculous and mysterious.  The more we know about it the more unfathomable it seems.  Every thought, mundane or transcendent, triggers electric pulses to course through millions of neurons in our brains.  Our big bones make blood while the cells of our organs pluck proteins from the passing blood stream in our arteries.

 The “Body Parts” series began after reading about how thoughts and vision are processed in the brain. I wanted to tell that story in my work which lead to studying and portraying other processes.

Art can reflect who we are psychologically, emotionally, or communally.  Understanding our physical selves can be helpful on our path to self awareness. I hope my work will inspire viewers to reflect on the miracle of their living bodies.