I am working on a series of sculptures that address the human body and how it works.  The complexity of our biological selves is mysterious and beautiful.  I use it for inspiration as a landscape painter might use a scene. 

Some of the pieces below are available. I also create commissioned work.   Custom pedestals or plexiglass boxes can be ordered for pieces to be displayed in public places.  I make stained glass pieces incorporating sculptural glass, and could suspend glass pieces under skylights. I accept commissions for larger outdoor work. (Please see the public art and commission sections in this website.)

In addition to the sculpture, I make glass and steel tables, bowls and plates.  Glass light fixtures can be viewed in the lighting section of this website.

I fire the glass in a kiln.  I first melt the glass into a flat tile.  Then I fire it in ceramic molds to shape it.  Some pieces take as many as four firings.  Other pieces are cast in plaster molds from clay originals and stay in the kiln for a week.  Then they are polished.

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