Design is an important and enjoyable part of my work. I have designed many types of objects and spaces,including small parks, courtyards, buildings, benches, fountains, handrails, sculptures, bathtubs, sinks, lighting fixtures, windows, dinnerware and other objects for the table. (Please see the Public Art section for large installations I have designed)

I work primarily in ceramic and glass, but my designs often include metal, wood, ferro-cement and plaster. I am open to designing in other materials as well.

Designs are developed to be beautiful and function well. A handrail, for example, should be an elegant shape, feel comfortable in your hand, provide support, and be free of obstructions. (It is interesting to notice that few handrails fit these criteria.)


I design and create interior or exterior pieces, for residential, commercial, or public spaces. I consider large and small commissions. When someone contacts me about a commission, we discuss the scope of the project and design possibilities. Usually I can give a rough estimate of the cost. There is a charge if drawings, models or samples are required. Projects can take from six weeks to many months depending on their size and complexity.

Synesthesia Spiral

The last five images in this section are for a proposal to create an interactive light and sound sculpture for Burning Man

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